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OMNI Adaptive Non-Slip Self Righting Bowl - White w/ White Rim and Handle

•Impressive 400ml / 14oz capacity
•Great Insulator and Temperature Stability
•Self Righting
•Virtually Unbreakable
•Perfect for those with specialist and assistive dining care needs
•Great for use in hospitals, care homes or domestically

The self-righting feature is key to the adaptive qualities of this long lasting melamine bowl enabling it to come back to an upright stationary position if wobbled. The lightweight design, wide lip and sensory handle aids with carrying, holding and service.The wide coloured rim means it is easy to carry single or double handed. Standard white rim is designed to be completely inclusive and used by abled and disabled people alike. Discreet silicone feet prevent surface slipping and reduces potential mess and breakages. Perfect for the elderly with dementia, alzheimers or mobility impairments. Encourages independence and dignity when eating.

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